Windmill #35 and Eclipse #35A
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Windmill #35 and Eclipse #35A

8042 Lake Street Rd.
LeRoy, NY 14482

8x8ft Barn Quilt - North Trail: Windmill

8x8ft Quilt -North Trail: Eclipse

Note: Brodie Farm

The Windmill barn quilt was a birthday present to Tom Brodie who grew up on this farm, once known as the Fort Hill Farm.  At the time the LeRoy Barn Quilt project was started in 2011, the farm was no longer in dairy production. However, Tom’s mother had a very productive flock of chickens, and many people in the area knew that they could go into the garage and open the refrigerator for a dozen eggs and leave payment in a change box.     

The Eclipse barn quilt was added in March, 2024 as part of Genesee County's Commemoration of its position in the Path of Totality of the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.  The design of the 8-foot-square barn quilt is a reproduction of the original barn quilt design that adorns the red barn in Genesee County's original children's book "Genny Sees The Eclipse".  The informative and fun story takes place at the fictional Genesee Farm on April 8, 2024, when Genny the Cow and her farm animal friends experience the solar eclipse.

The Eclipse Barn Quilt can be seen on the north face of the Fort Hill Farm's red barn located at 8042 Lake Road, LeRoy, NY, which is currently #35 on the Barn Quilt Trail and also features the "Windmill" barn quilt. Look for it as seen on the west side of Rt. 19.

Read the full article by Ben Beagle, Batavia Daily News



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