Our Family Tree #73
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Our Family Tree #73

1719 Craig Rd.
Pavilion, NY 14525

5x5ft Barn Quilt - East Trail

Note: Noblehurst Farm

Ground Swell #71 and Sunflower #72 also hang here

The design and name represent the importance of family to the Noble family and how their family tree has many branches.

Noblehurst Farm is the Noble family’s seven generation, multi-family farm. They put up three barn quilts as part of the Bicentennial project in 2012. Established in July 1960, Noblehurst Farms Inc. now milks 1,800 cows and works over 2,500 acres of corn, alfalfa and wheat. The family farm has realized the importance of taking the utmost care in doing what is right for the land, its cattle, employees and owners. With a focus on long-range planning and profitability, this 20-year Dairy of Distinction business thrives on being environmentally-conscious, fostering teamwork, promoting agriculture and ensuring good stewardship of our natural resources and our community. In addition to the dairy business, they have started and actively operate several other affiliated businesses that complement the core dairy business and maximize individual employee potential.

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