JELL-O Jigglers #1
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JELL-O Jigglers #1

23 East Main St.
LeRoy, NY 14482

 4x4ft Barn Quilt - Village Trail

Note: JELL-O Gallery Museum

This colorful barn quilt was painted in 2011 during LeRoy’s Oatka Festival. It hangs near the entrance to the Jell-O Museum as a tribute to “America’s Most Famous Dessert” which was introduced in 1897.

The colors in the quilt represent different flavors of Jell-O: lemon, lime, strawberry, orange and grape. If you head inside the museum, you will find a cloth crib quilt sewn in this pattern in the museum collection. An 8x8 barn quilt in this pattern can be seen on the side of the Town Highway Department barn at 9200 Asbury Road on the East Trail.    

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