Amelia Earhart #54
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Amelia Earhart #54

9200 Asbury Rd.
LeRoy, NY 14482

4x4ft Barn Quilt - East Trail

Note: Woodward Airport

JELL-O Jigglers II #55, Pride of LeRoy #56 and Fields of Gold #57 also hang here

To commemorate the 1929 visit of Amelia Earhart to the Donald Woodward Airport, this quilt was painted by fourth grade students of the Wolcott Street School. The Woodward Airport was once home to a fleet of airplanes, including Amelia Earhart’s “Friendship,” which flew across the Atlantic Ocean on June 17, 1928, with Earhart as a passenger. She would become the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo in 1932 and became known as “Lady Lindy” after Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic. Donald Woodward owned the Friendship, and it was stored in this hangar. He sold the Friendship a year later and it was shipped to South America. The hangar has been repurposed into a facility for the LeRoy Town Highway Department.


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