Railroad Crossing #50
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Railroad Crossing #50

8457 North Street Rd.
LeRoy, NY 14482

8x8ft Barn Quilt - North Trail

Note: Crocker's Ace Hardware

This barn quilt pattern represents railroad crossing signs. The red represents Ace Hardware, the silver parallel lines represent silver railroad tracks and the 12 black diamonds represent the Black Diamond passenger service of the Lehigh Valley Railroad which ran behind the store on its passage from Buffalo to New York City for many years. The railroad also brought agricultural supplies to a siding at this location. Clarence Crocker owned a GLF feed store and his three sons Louie, James and Judd turned the feed mill into a farm supply store. In the 1960s, the current store was built and in the 1980s, it became an Ace Hardware Store. When the LeRoy Barn Quilt Project was introduced in 2011, Crocker’s Ace Hardware immediately became a partner and provided paint and supplies.

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