This 700-acre complex consists of 68 historic structures furnished with 15,000 artifacts to provide an authentic, 19th-century environment in which visitors can interact with knowledgeable, third-person historic interpreters in period-appropriate dress. Among the buildings preserved in the historic village are Col. Nathaniel Rochester’s house and George Eastman’s childhood home.

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Historic Village After-Hours Tours at Genesee Country Village & Muesum

Jun 25, 2021
Museum experts provide special access to upstairs, downstairs and behind barriers.

Firefly Fridays at Genesee Country Village & Muesum

Jun 25, 2021
A family-friendly evening hike across our Oatka Creek meadow.

Gallery Talks at Genesee Country Village & Museum

Jun 26, 2021
Coming up next in our 2021 John L. Wehle Gallery Lecture Series:

Fishing at Lake Surprise with Genesee Country Village & Muesum

Jul 25, 2021
Special guided adventures to Lake Surprise, on our private Oatka Creek propert.