This 700-acre complex consists of 68 historic structures furnished with 15,000 artifacts to provide an authentic, 19th-century environment in which visitors can interact with knowledgeable, third-person historic interpreters in period-appropriate dress. Among the buildings preserved in the historic village are Col. Nathaniel Rochester’s house and George Eastman’s childhood home.

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1410 Flint Hill Road
Mumford, NY 14511
P: 585-538-6822

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Yuletide in the Country Tours & Buffet

Dec 13, 2019
Take a trip back to the 19th for a festive Yuletide event!

Holiday Open House

Dec 21, 2019
Bring your family for self-guided tours through our historic homes that are warmed by fires and alive with holiday lights, candles, and traditional decorations.

Maple Weekend 2020

Mar 21, 2020
Visit our local maple farms during these Maple Weekends!