Lady Of The Lake #46
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Lady Of The Lake #46

7957 Oatka Trail
LeRoy, NY 14482

8x8ft Barn Quilt - North Trail

Note: McPherson Orchard

This pink and white barn quilt hangs on the barn of the McPherson Orchard and Christmas Tree Farm. The barn is the last remaining barn on the Alexander McPherson farm that was settled in 1801. The 1850 barn was restored in 2006 through a New York State Barn Restoration grant. The fieldstone foundation was rebuilt and the hand-hewn timber frame was straightened. 

Marny Frost Cleere painted the barn quilt based on the design of an 1867 family quilt which was pieced by her great, great, great grandmother, Mary Willard. This barn quilt and its story is included in Suzi Perrone’s book on Barn Quilts. 

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