Fields Of Gold #57
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Fields Of Gold #57

9200 Asbury Rd.
LeRoy, NY 14482

4x4ft Barn Quilt - East Trail

Note: Woodward Airport

Amelia Earhart #54, JELL-O Jigglers II #55, Pride of LeRoy #56 also hang here

In 2012, this barn quilt was painted and hung on the LeRoy McDonalds and was named “I’m Lovin’ It.” When the exterior of the restaurant had to be redone, the barn quilt could not be rehung, so it was sent here. It has been renamed to “Fields of Gold” to represent the colors of Western New York’s autumn fields as the leaves change to vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow. It hangs on the side of the hangar at the Donald Woodward Airport, where Amelia Earhart visited in 1929. The airport was once home to a fleet of airplanes, including Amelia Earhart’s “Friendship.”

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