Dash Churn #43
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Dash Churn #43

8343 Gully Rd.
LeRoy, NY 14482

8x8ft Barn Quilt - North Trail

Note: Stein Farm

Located at Stein Farms, one of Genesee County’s largest dairy farms, the yellow and green colors in this pattern represent corn and alfalfa fields. The black and white center identifies with the Stein family’s black and white Holstein cattle. The name, Dash Churn, is taken from the geometric design in the middle of the barn quilt. This is the bottom of the wooden dasher in a butter churn. This pattern is based on the family’s great-great grandmother’s quilt. The quilt was in sad condition, but it has been restored and is now a family heirloom. A colorful second barn quilt, Nonesuch, can also be viewed at this farm on Conlon Road.

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