Bethany Arts and Antiques
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Bethany Arts and Antiques

5769 Ellicott Street Road
East Bethany, NY 14054

Hours of Operation

Summer and Christmas hours: Thursday thru Saturday: 11am-4pm and Sunday 11am-4pm

Winter hours: 12pm-4pm: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 

Offering a range of antique items, stop in to view this unique shop. You'll be amazed at the variety of great pieces she has discovered. The owner's original art work will also catch your eye as you're browsing. 

With years of art experience, Bethany Arts also holds art classes for those looking to expand their creative horizons or just to have a couple hours of artist fun. Check out their Facebook page for the next offered art classes. Learn needle felting, explore the art of alcohol ink on tiles, trying painting and silk scarf dying to make a new pretty piece for your closet.

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