Godfrey's Pond
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Godfrey's Pond

7925 Godfrey's Pond Road
Bergen, NY 14416

"The best kept secret in Genesee County"—a family-friendly organization with a dedication to the great outdoors.

Genesee County Fish & Game Protective Association is located in the heart of Genesee County and consists of 235 acres of land and 35 acres of stream and spring-fed waters. In addition to our beloved namesake, Godfrey's Pond, there is a plethora of outdoor activities for our members to enjoy including:
• Fully-stocked four-acre Trout Pond
• In-house Fish Hatchery
• Ornamental Bird Sanctuary Complex
• Family-friendly campgrounds from tents to RVs
• Swimming, boating, and fishing areas - check out the new pool!
• Hiking trails
• Dedicated Pistol and Rifle Range
• Trap Shooting
• A full 3D Archery Course
• A Member Clubhouse and Poolhouse (complete with shower, bathroom and laundry facilities)
• Event Pavilions
• And much more!
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