Grandma's Puzzle #79
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Grandma's Puzzle #79

9743 Asbury Rd.
LeRoy, NY 14482

4x4ft Barn Quilt - East Trail

Note: Greene Farm

Shadow Rays #77, No Place Like Home #78, Gather Round The Campfire #80, Wine Rack #81 also hang here

This quilt represents the favorite winter activity of solving puzzles. It is one of four barn quilts hung on the north side of the former milking parlor. After closing the dairy farm in 1991, the Greene family kept the barn and transformed it into a gathering place for the six families that reside on the old farm grounds. Donna Greene painted the barn quilts on this barn at her kitchen table and maintained a “library” of paint which she made available to many other folks who wanted to paint a barn quilt.

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