Stained Glass #84
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Stained Glass #84

9573 Asbury Rd.
LeRoy, NY 14482

4x4ft Barn Quilt - East Trail

Note: Also see the JELL-O Barn along the East Trail between stops 83 & 84. Both sides of the 1820’s barn portrays the old-school barn advertising that was popular back in the day.

Designed to depict a stained-glass window, and in memory of Joe Doemling, a talented and creative stained-glass artist, this barn quilt was painted by his nephew John in 2011. John is also the artist that painted the JELL-O and Mail Pouch barn art advertisements that are located on both sides of the 1820s barn at 9610 Asbury Road. You’ll find this unique barn located between stops 83 and 84 on the East Trail.

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