I’m Lovin’ It #20
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I’m Lovin’ It #20

67 Main St.
LeRoy, NY 14482

2x2ft Barn Quilt - Village Trail

Note: McDonald's (inside)

In 2012, the owner of McDonald’s in LeRoy wanted to join the town’s bicentennial celebration by hanging a barn quilt by the drive-thru. The McDonald’s employees voted, and the winning design was called “I’m Lovin’ It.” It was the only barn quilt on a McDonald’s in the United States. 

A few years ago, it was necessary to remove the barn quilt due to McDonald’s needing an exterior makeover.  The barn-quilt was taken to the Town Highway Department on Asbury Road and installed on the side of the historic DW Airport hangar. A new 2x2 barn quilt has been installed inside McDonald’s where visitors can find maps for the LeRoy Barn Quilt Trail

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