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10099 Perry Road
Le Roy, NY 14482

Hours of Operation

Please call or email to make reservations

Fetherquest Shooting Preserve is located on 165 acres of fields, ponds and woods, just 4 miles south of Le Roy, NY (minutes from Interstates 490 and 90) and has been providing Pheasant and Chuckar Hunting For over 20 Years.

Our Hunting cover produces outstanding opportunities for novice and experienced hunters and their dogs.  Enjoy upland bird hunting behind your special bird dog or let us guide using one of our field bred English Springer, English Cocker Spaniels, Gordon Setters, English Setters or Brittany's. 

Schedule a hunt that is as close to wild bird hunting as possible.  Don’t forget to stop at the warm-up room to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold soda before and after your hunt.

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