Total Solar Eclipse 2024
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Travel to the Path of Totality

Head to Genesee County for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse where the skies are darker

Experience a natural phenomenon on April 8, 2024 as a total solar eclipse is scheduled to pass over Genesee County that Monday afternoon. Clear your schedule for the weekend leading up to the eclipse and enjoy festivities within our communities.

Batavia and Genesee County sit directly in the path of totality, and viewers will experience 3 minutes and 42 seconds of totality beginning at 3:19pm and a partial eclipse for nearly two and a half hours.

One of the rarest and most spectacular events in nature, a total solar eclipse causes the sky to become as dark as deep twilight, bright stars and planets to appear, and the Sun's outer atmosphere, called the corona, to shine around the black disk of the Moon's silhouette. Changes in temperature, winds and animal behavior occur during the time around totality. The experience is emotionally powerful and unforgettable. It will be the first total eclipse visible in our area since 1925, and the next will occur in 2144.

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Commemorate the 2024 Eclipse with GeneSEEtheEclipse merch! Place your order for t-shirts, sweatshirts, eclipse glasses and commemorative posters. And don’t forget a copy of our original children’s storybook, “Genny Sees the Eclipse”,  an informative and fun story about Genny and her farm animal friends experiencing the eclipse!

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Watch Safely

Genny wears her solar viewing glasses to remind everyone of the importance of eye safety when witnessing this celestial event. The only safe way to watch the eclipse safely is by using safe-certified glasses. Bring Genny the Cow with you as you view the eclipse with a pair of ISO-certified glasses that feature our beloved cow! Make sure you get your pair of glasses in advance of April 8, 2024.

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