A Traveler's Guide to Pavilion, NY
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A Traveler's Guide to Pavilion, NY

by Lauren Humphrey

Nestled in the heart of Western New York, Pavilion is a charming town that offers a delightful blend of history, natural beauty, and local businesses that make it a worthwhile destination for travelers seeking a tranquil escape. Founded in 1841, Pavilion boasts a rich heritage dating back to its early settlement in 1805. The town's name was inspired by a hotel in Saratoga Springs, and it has been home to notable residents like Gregory Reinhart, an American bass opera singer, and Frances Metcalfe Wolcott, a socialite and author who owned the stunning Hillcrest Estate in Pavilion.

Hillcrest Estate: Where Elegance Meets Nature

Our journey begins with a visit to the historic Hillcrest Estate, a truly picturesque venue nestled in the Genesee Valley. Spread across 120 acres, this estate is a perfect blend of old-world charm and natural beauty. The estate's ballroom and meticulously landscaped grounds serve as the backdrop for a variety of events, from enchanting weddings to lively parties, community gatherings, and business meetings. Whether you're exchanging vows beneath the shade of ancient trees or hosting a corporate retreat with a touch of elegance, Hillcrest Estate offers a serene and unforgettable experience.

Fairways and Fare at BW's & Davis Countryside Meadows

Golf enthusiasts will find their slice of heaven at Davis Countryside Meadows. This 18-hole golf course spans 6,023 yards, offering a challenging par of 72. After a round of golf, make your way to BW's Restaurant, where a mouthwatering selection of dishes awaits. From classic comfort foods to gourmet delights, BW's Restaurant and Banquet Facility offers the perfect blend of golf and gastronomy. The on-site bar is the ideal spot to relax and recount your best shots while sipping on your favorite beverages.

Creekside Honey: Nature's Sweet Treasure

For those with a sweet tooth, Creekside Honey is a must-try. This family-owned apiary tends to happy bees in Pavilion, Batavia, and Pembroke. Their honey can be found at various local shops, including Pudgie's Lawn & Garden CenterAdam Miller Toy & Bicycle, and Pub Coffee Hub. Immerse yourself in the world of honey, and savor the flavors of Western New York through this golden, natural treasure.

PapaRoni’s Pizzeria: A Culinary Adventure Awaits

Local flavor takes center stage at PapaRoni’s Pizzeria, a beloved Pavilion institution. While you'll find all your favorite traditional pizza options, PapaRoni's takes it up a notch with some unconventional creations. How about sinking your teeth into a BBQ Steak Pizza, Ultimate Nacho Pizza, Taco Pizza, or Greek Pizza? And that's just the beginning. This pizzeria also serves up the best of Buffalo and Rochester, with irresistible Wings and the iconic Garbage Plate. For a lighter option, explore their menu of subs, wraps, and salads, with daily specials that will keep you coming back throughout the week.

Fetherquest: Upland Bird Hunting Paradise

For outdoor enthusiasts, Fetherquest Shooting Preserve is a hidden gem. Located on 165 acres of fields, ponds, and woods, just a stone's throw away from Pavilion Center, this preserve has been providing Pheasant and Chukar Hunting for over two decades. Whether you're an experienced hunter or new to the sport, Fetherquest offers exceptional hunting opportunities for you and your beloved bird dog. You can also opt for guided hunts with their well-trained hunting dogs. Before and after your hunt, enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold soda in the warm-up room, where you can share stories of your adventures and soak in the camaraderie of fellow hunters.

As you explore Pavilion, NY, you'll discover a town steeped in history, surrounded by natural beauty, and filled with businesses that reflect the warmth and hospitality of its residents. Whether you're here for a wedding at Hillcrest Estate, a round of golf at Davis Countryside Meadows, an adventurous slice at PapaRoni's Pizzeria, a sweet escape with Creekside Honey, or an outdoor adventure at Fetherquest, Pavilion has something special to offer every traveler. It's a place where the past meets the present, and where you can create lasting memories amidst the tranquility of Western New York's Genesee Valley.

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