Lamb Farms, Inc.
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Lamb Farms, Inc.

6880 Albion Road
Oakfield, NY 14125

Hours of Operation

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At Lamb Farms, they spend a lot of time thinking about milk, because the Lamb’s cows produce 20,000 gallons of the frothy and nutritious beverage each day.   The farm gets many visitors and the tours are free of charge! For an unguided tour, you can climb the stairs and peer down at the carousel milking parlor, where 60 cows are milked at one time.   While you’re there, don’t miss the adjacent free-stall barn— the equivalent to a five-star hotel for cows. The barn doesn’t have stalls, so the cows are free to roam the building. Rubber cushions are on the floor for added comfort, and employees even cover the sleeping area with sand to make a soft bed.  

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