Pizza Pantry & Insignia Bar


How about an Italian place that is serving Italian classics like Lasagna and Spaghetti and Meatballs along side burgers, enchiladas, and of course pizza?

Join the folks at the local family-owned and operated since 1983, Pizza Pantry. Offering take-out and delivery of pizza, burgers, pasta, subs and the rest of their uniquely combined menu. 

Book your next event at Pizza Pantry in their reception hall! For parties of up to 60 people, book the next birthday party, anniversary party, bridal or baby shower, family reunion, holiday party or any other kind of bash you can think of, right here at Pizza Pantry!

Call or email for more information!

Hours of Operation

Open 11am- 10pm daily.

Contact Us

9468 Alleghany Road
Corfu, NY 14036
P: 585-599-2822
P: 585-599-4664

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