Sweet Dream Maple Farm
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Sweet Dream Maple Farm

1116 Reynolds Road
Corfu, NY 14036

Hours of Operation

Open on Maple Weekends with demonstrations, tastings, maple history and a wide variety of maple products. Also open by appointment. Syrup available all year.

Sweet Dream Maple Farm began with a Stein family tradition. Every year, the family tapped the one big maple tree in the front yard and boiled the sap down in a pot on the stove. Later they built a boiler in the back yard using an old burning barrel with a homemade evaporator on top and would invite friends over for a maple syrup party. Over the years that tradition grew, with the help of friends, neighbors and some modern equipment, into the family-run and family-focused business it is today.

Operated by Al and Amy Stein in beautiful Western New York, Sweet Dream Maple Farm produces pure NYS Maple Syrup. From hundreds of trees maple sap runs through miles of inter-connected tubing to a central collection point. Dozens of maple trees, owned by friends and neighbors, are tapped the old-fashioned way, with buckets. Many of these buckets are close to the sugar house and visitors may enjoy collecting them when they stop by. Buckets are collected and added to the main sap tank located near the sugar house. Instead of a stove top, the sap now is boiled down in a modern wood fired evaporator. This blend of age-old tradition and modern technology enables Sweet Dream Maple Farm to bottle some of the most delicious maple syrup around.

The Stein family also enjoys other farming activities. Fruit trees line the backyard and depending on the time of year maybe a flock of chickens or pheasants. And what’s a farm without a family dog, stop by and say hi to Cato if you get a chance.

Al and Amy are always grateful and amazed at the path the farm has taken, and they thank God for the gift of the land they have and the blessings they receive from it.

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