“The Method” with SyFy’s Haunted Collector Brian Cano

Nov 14, 2015 1:00 pm - 11:55 pm


Brian Cano, known for his strong participation in SyFy’s Haunted Collector, returns to Rolling Hills Asylum, November 14th. Cano will be offering a meet and greet followed by a full ghost hunting workshop and a paranormal investigation.

“The Method” will outline ways in which investigators can get more out of their investigations by going over process. Novices can learn to do things right, from the very start, while seasoned investigators will see some things in a different light, allowing them to integrate “The Method” into their own ways of investigating. #Paralosophy (Paranormal Philosophy) will also be heavily gone into, as we discuss the whys, not the hows. This event will focus on the foundation, geared to make every investigator stronger and more effective.