Best Bites in Genesee County
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Best Bites in Genesee County

Coming together for a meal is a time-honored vacation tradition. Whether you’re sitting down to a delicious home-cooked spread or letting everyone order exactly what they want, the best memories are those you make together at the table.
We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spots to grab a bite as you cruise through Genesee County!

Ribs From Alex's Place

Ribs from Alex's Place

Alex’s Place has been a local favorite for over 30 years, known for hearty portions, a homey atmosphere and heartfelt hospitality. Originally a one-room track stop for local racers and athletes, as their reputation for delicious food and exceptional service grew, so did the restaurant.

Today Alex’s Place calls a 100-seat restaurant home, serving up a menu of American steakhouse favorites and Italian classics including their famous baby-back ribs, prime rib, char-grilled steaks and the freshest seafood. Watch as the chefs put together your masterpiece entrée through the open-kitchen and marvel at the multiple BBQ awards on the wall from across the state. Grab a cocktail or a glass of wine while you wait for your food. Located half a mile off the thru-way, Alex’s Place is the perfect way to begin or end your adventure.

Beef On Weck From The Pok-A-Dot

Beef On Weck from The Pok-A-Dot

Start your day with a delicious breakfast from the iconic Pok-A-Dot! The Dot, as it’s known to locals, has been serving up fan-favorite breakfasts and local specialties for over 65 years. Don’t let the small building fool you- the colorful Dot holds some of the most iconic stories and delicious dishes in the county. The Dot is a staple in the region, mentioned in art, literature, and music from creators spanning the years. Most famous for their Beef on Weck, a local sandwich, you can’t go wrong with any order at the Dot.

Built in 1953, the iconic polk-a-dot exterior has remained the same throughout the decades, making it a Batavia icon. Visitors today can still enjoy original menu offerings including burgers, hot dogs, Beef on Weck, pepper and egg sandwiches, ice creams, and frosty cold mugs of root beer.

Chocolate From Oliver's Candies

Any Kind of Chocolate From Oliver's Candies

Like the Pok-A-Dot, Oliver’s Candies is a local Batavia institution, serving up delicious chocolates and other sweet treats since 1932. Quality is the name of the game here in this Swiss Chalet and has been for over 85 years. Their special chocolate blend is melt-in-your-mouth rich with a subtle caramel flavor at the end. Family recipes are still made here in the way they were when Oliver’s opened, from the glazed cashews and assorted chocolates to the sponge candy. If you’ve never tried sponge candy, this Western NY delicacy is a chocolate-coated piece of honeycomb and will take your tastebuds soaring. Oliver’s also has a wide selection of candies, dipped fruits and nuts, licorice, and ice cream in the summer.

Prime Rib From Red Osier

Prime Rib From Red Osier Landmark Restaurant

The Red Osier Landmark Restaurant was opened in 1979, but the iconic red-roofed building in which it lives was built in the late 1930s. Known for their quality cuts of meat, the fan-favorite is the delectable and well-marbled prime rib, served fresh and carved tableside. The popularity of the prime rib is legendary across Western NY, so you’ll want a reservation here to hold your spot. The prime rib has remained their signature and staple dish since opening, but they also have a crispy fish fry, fresh seafood, and a variety of local and craft beverages.

A Reuben and a Guiness From O'Lacy's

A Reuben and a Guinness From O'Lacy's Irish Pub

A true Irish pub in the heart of Batavia, O’Lacy’s is the best place to go for a pint of Guinness and a hearty Ruben sandwich. The quaint pub exterior could be transported straight from Dublin, while their menu is a selection of classic American cuisine with an Irish flare. O’Lacy’s is known for their exceptional customer service, premium beer selection, and homemade chips and dip.

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