Auto Clubs and Rallies
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Auto Clubs and Rallies

Rev your engines and hit the road – destination Genesee County for your next meeting or event. Located centrally between the cities of Buffalo and Rochester, and just 45 minutes from the Canadian border and Niagara Falls, this community is the perfect place to put it in park and host your next group get-together.

You may not know it, but Batavia, NY has some car fame to its name. As the official home of the Thomas Rocket Car, it has a history in the auto industry – rooted in forward-thinking and futuristic technologies.

If you’ve never heard of the Thomas Rocket Car, you need only read our blog, here, to get up to speed. Fabricated in 1936 by Batavia native & inventor, Charles Thomas, the Rocket car was considered machinery far beyond its years – one automaker even stated that it was “10 years ahead of its time.” It featured technologies that were decades ahead of the car's time, like low-set headlamps, hidden hinges, a dual cylinder, padded dash, four-wheel independent suspension, and even a rearview “camera”, which has only recently become standard in the industry. Its inventor designed the car as part of his GM Institute of Technology graduate program in 1935. 

The Thomas Rocket car is just one of the reasons Genesee County is the perfect place for you to host your next Auto Club gathering, car rally, or event. We’re car-club approved, having hosted past guests like the NYS Motor Truck Association and the Early Ford V-8 Club Eastern National Convention.

Why do they love us?

Well… we’ve got big-city amenities with a small-town feel. Walkable towns and charming villages with hundreds of acres of “show-grounds,” indoor and outdoor venues, and a new 50,000+ square foot expo center. We have a foot in the past with our Thomas Rocket Car (schedule a tour to see it while you’re here) but always looking towards the future of the wheels industry.

 Oh, and while you’re here, don’t forget:

  • Over 100 restaurants and 1000+ hotel rooms
  • Nearby driveable attractions like Six Flags Darien Lake, Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park, the historic Erie Canal, and the Finger Lakes
  • Proximity to major highways and byways I-90, I-490 and routes 5, 19, 20, 33 and 77
  • Lower costs than major cities (and prettier views)
  • Excellent customer service in a friendly community


We're Car Club Approved...

...Having Hosted These Past Groups: 

Don’t forget to request a tour of the Thomas Rocket Car! It’s a can’t miss for any car enthusiast or motor group member alike.

Turn your wheels towards Genesee County and enjoy the ride!

“Thank you for all that you did for the Buick Club and their meet. Thanks to you this meet was a success and we wanted to express our appreciation. Maryanna, Roger, and Ron were overwhelmed by all you did to help them. Your prompt attention to matters, suggestions, etc. made it such a pleasant experience for all of them. Again may I say thanks, thanks, thanks for all your hard work. You were such a pleasure to work with and such a big help.”-Sandra & Ron D., Buick Club of America

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