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National Jell-O Week

Feb 12 - 17, 2023
Sponsor: Jell-O Gallery

JELL-O Gallery Museum

23 E. Main Street
LeRoy, NY 14482

The Mayor of LeRoy, Greg Rogers, has officially proclaimed National Jell-O Week! Jell-O was invented in LeRoy in 1897 and was manufactured in town until 1964. In 1997, the Jell-O Gallery was opened by the LeRoy Historical Society to celebrate America’s Most Famous Dessert. In 2001, the State of Utah declared Jell-O the official state snack and the second week in February as National Jell-O Week. At the time, the people of Utah consumed the most Jell-O per-capita than any other state. A year later, Utah welcomed people to the Salt Lake City Olympics with Jell-O pins and an exhibit about Jell-O. 

National Jell-O Week is the second full week of February. Stop in the Gallery for specials each day! Here is a list of daily specials!


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