Haunted History Tour of Seymour Place | GO ART! Building
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Haunted History Tour of Seymour Place | GO ART! Building

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Take part in a guided tour of the paranormal occurrences that have been witnessed in this historic building.

With spooky sights, smells, and sounds, the building is home to a few different spirits. The first is a 6'2" man dressed in 1860s clothing who likes to frequent the bar area. Sometimes he is even seen surrounded by a ghostly group of other men. One guest once saw the impression on a bar stool as if someone was sitting in it, and smelled the distinct odor of cigar smoke. Recorded audio in this area has picked up the sound of a man clearing his throat, someone saying "peek-a-boo," and a man clearly saying "and you as well" in response to the investigator wishing the presence a good night. Up on the second floor, a white shadow crossing from one room to another has been seen on two separate occasions by two different individuals. Most recently, a medium has felt the energy of a little girl in a room to the left of the bar area.

$20 ticket price includes one drink at Tavern 2.o.1 and a 45-minute haunted history tour of Seymour Place. Ages 21+.

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