Dinner with a Ghost | Rolling Hills Asylum
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Dinner with a Ghost | Rolling Hills Asylum

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Embark on a spine-chilling adventure unlike any other with 'Dinner with a Ghost' at Rolling Hills Asylum. Step into the hauntingly beautiful asylum, known for its rich history and paranormal activity, as you prepare to enjoy a unique dining experience.

Throughout the evening, professional paranormal experts will share spine-tingling stories, recounting the asylum's eerie past and encounters with restless spirits. You may even catch a glimpse of ghostly apparitions or experience unexplainable phenomena as you dine.

After dinner, guests will be given tips on how to investigate the facility, before being sent on their way for a self-guided tour. 

Cost is $99 per person
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*Book a Private Ghost Hunt*

Through September, November, and December 

Midweek Private Hunts (select Sundays through Thursdays, based upon availability)

  • 4 hours for $500; up to 10 people
  • 8 hours for $850; up to 10 people

Friday Private Hunts

  • 8 hours for $1499; up to 15 people
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