2019 & 2020 Dinner Theater Information:

It’s utter gourmet-hem as old Italian Master Chef Luigi Mancheezi wants to share his love of cooking with the world.  But his sous chef, Stella Mandella, is trying to force him to retire by sabotaging his famous recipes so she can take over his bistro.  She consults with the deceased French Chef, Pierre Monchere – now nothing more than a magically floating head – to plan her coup.  There’s course after course of hilarity as Stella plots and Luigi tries to figure out which audience member is secretly a food critic.  In addition to your full-course gourmet dinner, the comedy – and the meal – come to a delicious ending, including the first-ever sharing of Luigi’s famous “secret ingredient.”  A must-see show for lovers of fast-paced comedy and great food! Contact your tour operator or group leader for details of our new “lunch and laughter” experience, now in its second smash season.

Dinner Theater Menu:

  • Il Pesco Bianca e Bianca Acino d’Uva  (Peach & White Grape Juice) Punch (Non-alcoholic)
  • Fatti in casa Panne di Zucca con Burro Fiori (Homemade individual loaves of Pumpkin Bread with Creamery Butter florets) 
  • Yorkshire Hall’s Primo Insalata  (Our signature “Yorkshire Salad”)
  • La Carne di Maiale Medaglioni con Albiccoca (Roasted Pork Loin Medallions in Homemade Apricot Sauce)
  • Biologico Broccoli con Salsa di Fettuccine (Steamed Broccoli with Fettuccine Sauce)
  • Magnifico Riso Pilaf  (Deluxe Cheddar Onion Rice Pilaf)
  • Il Tipo di Caramella Beato  (Butterscotch Bliss Dessert)
  • Regular and Decaf Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee & Buongustaio Té  (Gourmet Tea Selections)

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