Bee Country
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Bee Country

(585) 813-1243

A family owned rural bee farm dedicated to offering quality raw honey products and live bee colonies. Proudly growing the bee population near the Buffalo and Rochester NY area.

Bee Country is proud to offer you some sweet products from the bees - available online and through these local stores:

  • Baldwin's Country Store: Alexander, NY - Honey and comb
  • Genesee Feeds: Batavia, NY - Honey and comb
  • Grampa Dells: Darien, NY - Honey, comb, and sticks
  • My Saloon: Darien, NY - Cooks with and sells honey
  • Olive Branch: Batavia, NY - Honey, comb and sticks
  • Seamans Hardware: East Pembroke, NY - Honey
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