Who's Genny Anyway?
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Who's Genny Anyway?

Meet Genny the Cow, our official mascot of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse! As a rural community that’s rich in agricultural heritage, there is no better mascot than Genny, a fanciful dairy cow.

Genny represents the many reasons that make Genesee County an amazing place to view the solar eclipse. Being a rural area, we experience less light pollution and will be able to embrace the authentic darkness that the eclipse will bring. Being outside of larger city limits also means less congestion. This will allow eclipse viewers to move around freely along our several highway routes to find the best spot to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Originally created as a feature on our commemorative poster, Genny has taken on a new life outside of a sheet of paper. Our “life-sized” cutout Genny was concepted to build awareness and excitement for the upcoming eclipse. You may see her out and about at local festivals and events sharing information and taking selfies. If you’re lucky, she will be set up with her prize wheel, giving winners a free pair of our commemorative, cow-print solar viewing glasses! Check out our Eclipse Events page for listings of where you can meet Genny in person.

Genny wears her solar viewing glasses to remind everyone of the importance of eye safety when witnessing this celestial event. The only safe way to watch the eclipse safely is by using safe-certified glasses. Bring Genny the Cow with you as you view the eclipse with a pair of ISO-certified glasses that feature our beloved cow! Make sure you get your pair of glasses in advance of April 8, 2024.

Get the Merch!

Be sure to grab commemorative solar glasses and other eclipse merchandise that features Genny the Cow! 

Place your order now for t-shirts, sweatshirts, eclipse glasses and commemorative posters. And don’t forget a copy of our original children’s storybook, “Genny Sees the Eclipse”, an informative and fun story about Genny and her farm animal friends experiencing the eclipse!

Follow all of our upcoming eclipse events – including more Genny sightings – plus eclipse themed activities and specials on our promotions page.  

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