The Barn Quilts of LeRoy
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The Barn Quilts of LeRoy

Circle The Fields: #68 on East Trail

The barn quilts of LeRoy began as a bicentennial project for the Town of LeRoy. The first quilt, “JELL-O Jigglers” was painted in July 2011 at the annual Oatka Festival.  The goal was to have 24 quilts painted and erected in time for LeRoy’s Bicentennial event on June 8, 2012.  In less than 10 months, over 70 barn quilts were near completion. 

Since that time more quilts have been added, and have come to represent the pride shared by the people of LeRoy, a town with a rich agricultural heritage and a vision for the future that will guarantee quality of life for generations to come. 

The Town of LeRoy welcomes you to discover over 100 scenic hand-painted barn quilts. Many of the quilts are on barns, but some residents have applied their creativity to the sides of sheds, garages, fences, their homes and other outbuildings.

In 2019, a large purple and yellow barn quilt was placed inside the Village Hall in commemoration of, Delia Phillips, the first woman in LeRoy to vote in an election after New York State passed women's suffrage in 1917.  In 2021, a display of over a dozen of LeRoy’s barn quilts was placed inside the Town Hall. 

Each year, more barn quilts are added to LeRoy’s barn quilt trail making it one of the largest in New York State.  Each quilt has a story to tell and these stories and full-size images can be found on line at

Dutch Dream, #25 on North Trail
Night Bright: #51 on North Trail

Viewing The Trail

Self-Guided Driving Tours

Please be sure to check for traffic as you slow down or pull over to view a quilt.

Travel Four scenic driving routes to scout for Barn Quilts! You’ll find them placed on barns, homes, fences, and even inside some of the town’s public locations.

  • Each of the four trails are numbered and mapped color coded to match the quilts that can be found along each trail.
  • A small image of the quilt pattern is listed along with the quilt name, size (in feet), and wayfinding information.
  • Some locations have multiple quilts.
  • Some quilts may face the opposite direction depending on the direction of travel.
  • Enjoy the barn quilt tours all year round and come back next year to discover new quilts.
Carpenter's Square, #34 on North Trail

Guided Tours

The Barn Quilt Trail of LeRoy is an enjoyable adventure for groups of all ages and sizes. Include it as part of your visit to LeRoy or Western New York. For information on bus tours, or a step-on guide, please contact:

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce by calling 585-344-4152 or by email at

Explore all 106 barn quilts at

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