See tomorrow's Major League Baseball superstars, today!
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See tomorrow's Major League Baseball superstars, today!

by dsitler

Batavia Muckdogs ┬ęDoug Sitler
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The Major League Baseball players you see on television all got their starts in the minor leagues. Take it one step further and current Major League Baseball all-stars such as Ryan Howard, Matt Carpenter and Chase Utley all began their professional careers by playing for the Batavia Muckdogs - Class A affiliate of the Miami Marlins. The Batavia Muckdogs home opener is Wednesday, June 22 when they host the State College Spikes (Cardinals) at 7:00 p.m. at Dwyer Stadium. The season will conclude on September 5th. Many of the players on the Muckdog's roster are fresh out of college and are playing on their first professional team. It's a very high-level of play on the field that brings you all the excitement you would expect from a professional baseball team. If the individual players do well, they eventually work their way up through the minor league baseball system until (hopefully) they land a position on a major league baseball team.


If you know minor league baseball, the fun on the field is matched by the fun fans are having by attending the game. The Muckdogs go all out to make each game an event. No matter what home game you attend, you’ll find a theme and sometime giveaway items as you enter the stadium.  The opportunities change daily, but you may discover: children’s admission deals, family packages, entertainment, a playful mascot named Homer, Friday fireworks and more! The most expensive ticket is $8, so it’s definitely a tremendous value. Dwyer Stadium was built in 1939 and holds 2,600 fans. It is located at 299 Bank Street, Batavia, NY 14020. Dwyer Stadium is a wonderful place to spend a summer evening. One more, what is a Muckdog? Good question. The team name was selected in 1998 in conjunction with the newly built  Dwyer Stadium. The unique moniker reflects Genesee County’s agricultural roots and the rich muck land perfect for growing onions in Elba. Make your way to Dwyer Stadium this summer and see tomorrow's superstars, today! 

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