JELL-O Gallery and LeRoy House: an All-American experience
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JELL-O Gallery and LeRoy House: an All-American experience

If you're feeling in a patriotic mood this weekend, go to LeRoy, NY and visit JELL-O Gallery Museum and LeRoy House for a slice of American life and business from days gone by.

JELL-O Gallery Museum and LeRoy House are located on the same property (23 East Main Street, LeRoy, NY), with only a beautiful garden separating each facility. Driving through the village of LeRoy is an All-American experience in itself with shops and restaurants lining Main Street, the old town hall still stands, nice homes and a high school overlooking a small lake.

JELL-O Gallery Museum
JELL-O Gallery Museum

On a recent visit we parked right on Main Street in front of LeRoy House. We walked through the garden and visited the JELL-O Gallery Museum. JELL-O was first created in LeRoy in 1897 and eventually earned the distinction of being America's Favorite Dessert. Walking through the display area you are reminded how this quirky culinary delight has permeated into American life. You also get a historical business perspective by viewing the exhibits that show how the product was marketed to the public from the beginning to modern times. The gallery also has a fun gift shop area with JELL-O related items for sale.

After exiting JELL-O Gallery Museum, we walked through the garden to LeRoy House. Set in a large house built in 1822, LeRoy House is three floors of American history and life. The house itself is a beautiful structure with high ceilings, large windows and central hallway that serves as a breeze way. Each room in the house is dedicated to a particular time in history. We viewed what a 1830's kitchen looked like and learned from a docent how every day household procedures were handled almost 200 years ago. Walking through the house, it was truly mindblowing looking at items from yesteryear and comparing them to today's modern amenities. LeRoy House is truly a pleasant surprise.

The Leroy House

If the JELL-O Gallery Museum and LeRoy House isn't All-American enough for you, behind the JELL-O Museum is a baseball field, with two Little League teams battling it out on the day of our visit. Can you get more American than that? Probably not!

Inside Leroy House
LeRoy House Bust
LeRoy House
LeRoy House Hallway
LeRoy House / Jell-O Gift Shop
JELL-O mold collection
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