Easter at Oliver's Candies
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Easter at Oliver's Candies

Easter is right around the corner! And from the looks of it, everyone is getting ready—including the Oliver's Candies team!

For Oliver’s, Easter is possibly the busiest time of the year—along with Christmas and Valentine’s Day, of course. People travel from all over the country to buy their mouthwatering chocolate with that hint of caramel flavor everyone loves. 

When you think of Easter candy at Oliver’s, what comes to mind? Chocolate malted eggs, jelly beans, cream eggs, foil Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies (ranging from a few inches to a few feet)? Easter baskets made out of chocolate (or just with chocolate in them)?

For us, the two stand-out chocolate bunny stars are Elmer, who stands at three feet tall and weighs 13.5 pounds, and Oliver, who comes in at 34 pounds! How long do you think it would take to eat one of them?! We feel guilty even thinking about it...because they have names, not because of the amount of chocolate.

The selection Oliver’s has is amazing for being a family-owned operation. Everything is hand-crafted in small batches; nothing is mass produced. But the taste is always on-point and deliciously delectable! The traditional Oliver’s favorites—sponge candy, cashew crunch, and assorted boxed chocolates—are available all year, in addition to ice cream! Just because we have winter six months out of the year doesn’t mean we can’t crave ice cream in January.

With many awards under its belt, Oliver’s has been making a name for itself since 1932! Established by Joseph Boyd Oliver and sold in 1960, the candy has never lost its original flavor and still uses the same family recipes as when it opened. Using all-natural ingredients with a combined experience of more than 220 years between their expert chocolate makers, every ounce of chocolate is guaranteed to be amazing! They’re still fully stocked with every kind of chocolate or candy you need for the ultimate Easter basket—but get there quick to get the best selection!

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