D & R Depot: A Cut Above the Rest
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D & R Depot – a cut above the rest

by dsitler

There are many of us out there who love a good bowl of French Onion soup. You usually keep a note of which establishments have great tasting or unique variations of the cheesy, onion and bread filled concoction. One of the fun and tasty things about eating French Onion soup is the melted parmesan cheese that resides on the top of the soup. D & R Depot at 63 Lake Street in LeRoy offers not only a yummy French Onion soup, but a unique solution in helping you negotiate the stringy baked cheese. In each bowl, D & R Depot places a pair of scissors in your soup to help you cut the stringy cheese and save you the embarrassment of having a foot of cheese extended from the bowl to your mouth. Snip, snip with the scissors and you can trim the cheese and eat it without the mess. What a creative and practical solution!

D & R Depot Le Roy, NY
D & R Depot Le Roy, NY ©Doug Sitler
D & R Depot Le Roy, NY ©Howard Owens

If you have never visited, D & R Depot is a family-run restaurant in downtown LeRoy that was once a working train depot. The restaurant features all the characteristics of the former train station, which gives you a unique and historical experience when dining there. If you’re lucky, a train might pass the restaurant while you are cutting your way through that wonderful soup. You can learn more about D & R Depot by visiting their website here.

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