6 Places to Unleash Your Inner Artist in Genesee County
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6 Places to Unleash Your Inner Artist in Genesee County

Is there anything better than the feeling of working with your hands? Of crafting, creating, and unleashing your creativity? We think not. March is Arts Awareness Month in Genesee County, so there’s no better time to get crafty! Whether you want to dig in and create something yourself, or be inspired by those who do, we’ve rounded up the best places in Genesee County to celebrate art, artists, and Arts Awareness Month.

Kids Class at Art Ah La Carte
  1. GO ART! The Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council, a.k.a. GO ART!, is a community organization that promotes art and culture and provides a range of opportunities for new and local artists. They’re also the sponsor of Arts Awareness Month! Since 1962, GO ART has been dedicated to the growth and promotion of artists and making art an integral part of everyday life. They hold classes, exhibitions, educational seminars and more. Check out their call for artists, classes and events, and more on their website.
  1. Fired Up Ready to Paint Ceramics. Located on Ellicott Street, Fired Up is the go-to place for all your ceramics needs. Stop by and paint a squirrel, elephant, plate, or whatever strikes your fancy! All ceramics are handmade by the owners in their home and brought to the shop for your painting pleasure. Guests are welcome to stay and paint or take the item home to decorate there. You can also bring your own paints, so each color is just right.
  1. Art Ah La Carte. Art Ah La Carte is a teaching studio and art gallery committed to learning in an entertaining environment for all ages- because you’re never too old to be an artist! The studio specializes in a variety of art mediums to explore methods in acrylics, chalks, pastels, oil and watercolor paints. They offer group and individual art lessons, paint parties, sip and paint nights and more!
  1. Neighborhood Art House. Located on Walnut Street, Neighborhood Art House is a studio and shop offering classes, workshops, paint and sips, paint your own ceramics and more- they really are a “one-stop art shop”. Whether you’re looking to attend a class or schedule your own, Neighborhood Art House is the place to go.
  1. Country Cottage. A hidden gem tucked off Route 20, Country Cottage is chock full of unique gifts and handmade decorative items. Stop by and unleash your whimsical side as your browse through the aisles. Almost everything you’ll find is handmade with care by artisans, and there’s always time for a stop at the pond out back.   
  1. Karen’s Yarn, Paper, Scissors. If yarn is your preferred method of crafting, Karen’s is the perfect place for you. Stocked with yarn beyond any knitter’s wildest dreams, Karen’s hosts how-to classes for crocheting, as well as wreathes, painting and more.

With so many great places to get crafty, there’s no better time to stop by one – or all – of Genesee County’s great studios and shops. Classes, events and exhibits can be found on our website year-round, so gather up your smocks, brushes and favorite paints colors and have fun!

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