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Dear Barn Quilt Land Owner:

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce is working with Village/Town Historian Lynne Belluscio as well as the LeRoy Historical Society to update and expand the Barn Quilts of LeRoy program.  We will be greatly expanding the printed brochure, as well as building out a very comprehensive online component.  We need your help!

We would like to have a description of what each pattern represents, history of the barn or farm it may be situated on, or information that you would like viewers to know about your barn quilt. Lynne Belluscio also has some original barn quilt records about the barns and the barn quilt designs and may be contacted at 585-737-6546 should you need some assistance. 


Examples include:

Whig Rose: 8148 North Road (Northview Farm)

6x6   Painted by Lynne Belluscio

This floral applique pattern was popular in the 19th century and closely resembles the Rose of Sharon pattern.  The name is taken from the Whig political party.  The design was chosen because Lynne Belluscio sewed an applique quilt for her granddaughter Carolyn and this square was one of twelve in the quilt. 

The barn is a three-bay post and beam barn built in 1987 by Bob Belluscio, Lynne’s husband.  The barn housed prize winning Morgan carriage horses, including JMF Found One Beaman, a black Morgan stallion.  Beaman was a North American Champion Pleasure Driving horse, who became well known as the horse that competed with the Jell-O wagon, which now is exhibited at the Jell-O Museum in LeRoy.   


Sunflower: 9306 Summit St. Rd. This pattern on the Walters' barn at 9306 Summit St., Road, was painted by former Town Historian Irene Walters. This English style barn, built in the 1800s, was moved down the hill and across the creek and attached to the present cow barn in the early 1900s. The farm has been in the Walters family since 1899. The barn was built with a swing beam, large enough to support both the roof and the mow floors without a post.

Over the next couple of weeks photographer Mark Gutman will be out taking photos of your barn Quilt for use in this project. 

Please fill out the form below by October 10th to provide information on your barn quilt.

Contact Kelly Rapone or Morgan Hoffman at the Chamber office if you have questions, comments or concerns.  We can be reached at 585-344-4152.

If you have more than one barn quilt at your location, please include names of patterns and descriptions in the description space below. You do not need to fill out one form per pattern.

If you do not know the original name -please give it a name
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