Zodiac signs guide GCC's 'Ascendant' Fashion Show on April 28, tickets & sponsorships available
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Zodiac signs guide GCC's 'Ascendant' Fashion Show on April 28, tickets & sponsorships available

Mar 26, 2018

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Press release:

The Fashion Program students at Genesee Community College have been interviewing models and finalizing pieces for the 37th Annual Fashion Show to take place on Saturday, April 28, at 7 p.m. in the new Richard C. Call Arena. Get your tickets now!

Each scene in the show is designed and coordinated by a student in the Fashion program. This year, the students challenged themselves, selecting "Ascendant" as the show theme.

"Ascendant" speaks to the rising power GCC has in communicating thoughtful and impactful fashion while simultaneously representing a person's rising sign -- the astrological sign under which a person is born. The "Ascendant" theme moves beyond recognizing astrologically assigned character trait differences and to using fashion to make statements about appreciating those differences as potential contributions to creative teamwork.

This year's show features the following scenes:

Cancer -- Fuses bohemian wear and earthy elements into a free-spirited look.

Scene Coordinator: Maya Neeley of Harrisville, NY

Libra -- A wedding scene emphasizing romance and elegance.

Scene Coordinator: Jewel Watters of Sandy Valley, NV

Gemini -- Examines the sameness and individuality of twins.

Scene Coordinator: Emily Lontkowski of Batavia, NY

Capricorn -- Showcases the independent and professional women's work attire.

Scene Coordinator: Alexa Higgins of Le Roy, NY and Tykayila Hawkins of Rochester, NY

Taurus -- Demonstrates the conservative and unisex styles of today.

Scene Coordinator: Felton Terrell Poole of Medina, NY

Virgo -- Exposes an inner realness through the transparency of ingenuousness.

Scene Coordinator: Adeline Kijsiravej of Bangkok, Thailand

Pisces -- Utilizes bright colors and impactful graphics to depict the Pisces personality.

Scene Coordinator: Serenity Brown of Rochester, NY

Scorpio -- Compiles mystery, passion and fierceness into a contemporary street look.

Scene Coordinator: Charlotte Hughes of Ordizan, France

Leo -- Portrays a desire for love and admiration

Scene Coordinator: Tsubasa Mirua of Japan

Aries -- Represents individuality and confident fierceness through dark and neutral colors with bold trims.

Scene Coordinator: Katie Plummer of Brockport, NY

Sagittarius -- Screams "Freedom" through a variety of denim pieces.

Scene Coordinator: Harrison Lourens of Batavia, NY

Aquarius -- The unique nature of Aquarius will be communicated through garments of unique styles constructed by various GCC students

Luna - A nighttime scene that showcases formalwear created by various GCC students

In Darkness & In Light -- Draws luxury from utility as light is drawn from darkness.

Scene Coordinator: Kaeli LaFrance of Akwesasne, NY

Comet -- Elegant formal wear with an upbeat taste.

Scene Coordinator: Kaitlyn Tipton of Meyersdale, NY

Ophiuchus -- The newest zodiac sign which falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius is being celebrated by our guest design company, Sseko Designs. Sseko Designs develop clothing and accessories that are constructed by women pursuing higher education and fair wages in Uganda, Africa. The new zodiac sign is a positive representation of a new ethical direction of the fashion industry.

"Ascendant" will completely transform the field house in the new Richard C. Call Arena into a dreamlike space with a powerful runway! Tickets to attend the show are available in advance for $5 per person until 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25. Tickets will also be available at the door for $8 per person. To purchase tickets in advance, email fashionshow@genesee.edu today. 

Are you interested in an opportunity to show your support for the Fashion Show? GCC's fashion program students are currently soliciting and accepting production sponsors. Business donation opportunities of $10 and personal donation opportunities of $5 are still available.

Sponsors will be included in the Fashion Show Program as well as on the Fashion Show website. Please email fashionshow@genesee.edu to schedule a donation pick up or to make special arrangements for your donation. Checks should be made payable to GCCA and can be mailed to Genesee Community College, Fashion Show, One College Road, Batavia NY 14020-9704.

As it has in the past, the Fashion Show will include a vendor fair giving local businesses a chance to showcase their products and services. There are still a few tables available for additional vendors. Interested businesses should email fashionshow@genesee.edu. Tables are only $25 and are an excellent marketing opportunity, given the fashion show attendance of nearly 2,000 local consumers.

To get an inside look at the 37th Annual Fashion Show, Ascendant, follow @trendygcc_ on Instagram and @trendygcc on Twitter. You can also read our student blogs at https://geensee.edu/wordpress.com/blog/. Students will be sharing details about the show and more!

By Billie Owens, The Batavian

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