WATCH: Pedal Party starts in Batavia
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WATCH: Pedal Party starts in Batavia

Jul 13, 2023

BATAVIA — The Batavia Pedal Party has begun, as Kyler Preston got his first call Tuesday from someone who wanted a leisurely ride around Batavia.

Batavia Pedal Party LLC owner Kyler Preston said the venture came about because he felt there was a lack of things for people to do in Batavia.

“I figured this would be fun, promote other businesses in Batavia, promote the bar scene, promote other shops in Batavia," Preston said.

He said he first went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to find out how the DMV would classify a vehicle that several people would pedal, though it ran on a battery. The DMV didn’t know what it was, so Preston bounced from there to the state Department of Transportation and county Clerk Michael Cianfrini’s office. None of those offices knew how the vehicle should be classified.

“Eventually, I went to the city manager’s office and asked for help there and they were able to direct me towards what it actually is,” he said.

Preston went to North Carolina to see some of the bikes and talk to the manufacturer. The bike he uses, which has an electrical motor, was built in Texas, he said.

The bike arrived in Batavia last Friday.

“It’s fun. It’s got lights. It’s got music, but most importantly, it’s safe. It even charges when people pedal,” he said.

Fourteen people can fit on the bike, Preston said, noting the cost is $30 per person.

“You’re allowed to bring on two canned alcoholic beverages of your choice,” he said. “You can bring on any food and any regular beverages, too. It just adds to the fun.”


Up to 14 people can fit comfortably on the bike, Preston said.

As of Monday, Preston had taken relatives on three rides on the bike. He was waiting to hear about a permit, which he got on Tuesday from the city.

“We actually store the bike at 310 E. Main St. That’s where we’ll leave from,” he said. “It’s pretty central to Main Street, close to the bars.”

They will pedal out a little way from Main Street to allow people to enjoy the bike. As far as places the stop or pass by, it’s up to the customers.

“I really let people choose. If they’re going on a pub crawl, they get to choose two bars ... and we’ll stop at each bar 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how long they like,” Preston said. “If it’s a kid’s birthday, we can go all the way and get ice cream, cater it towards the kids.”

The reaction from other drivers on the road has been positive, the Pedal Tours owner said.

“Everybody honks when they drive by, people scream out the window, saying ‘Hey!’” he said. “It’s been positive for the most part.”

How long will he provide the bike rides? Probably until the snow and ice start to show up, Preston said.

“It’s perfect for corporate outings, bachelor parties, kids’ birthday parties or pub crawls,” he said. “You can pedal at your own pace. It’s more of a leisure (activity).”

For more information on Batavia Pedal Party, call Preston at (585) 356-4700 from about 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily or go to

By Brian Quinn,

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