UPDATE: Resurgence says CDBG award will help with upfront costs for Batavia brewery
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UPDATE: Resurgence says CDBG award will help with upfront costs for Batavia brewery

Aug 10, 2017

BATAVIA — Two Batavia projects have received Community Development Block Grants to support the establishment of a truck service and education facility in the town and a downtown brewery in the city.

• Freightliner & Western Star of Batavia, whose Fleet Maintenance project recently received planning approval for a 45,000-square foot new build on State Street Road, is receiving a $465,000 grant.

• Resurgence Brewing Company, which plans to develop the Resurgence Powerhouse and Beer Garden, a brewery to produce sour ales alongside a biergarten in the Ellicott Station development, is receiving a $225,000 grant in addition to $145,000 in Empire State Development funding.

Both projects, along with the expansion of Bristol ID Technologies in Lima, are said by the state to be tired to job production promises that would add 67 full-time positions over the next two years. In return, the companies will split more than $1 million in CDBG aid for machinery and equipment purchases.

“With this funding, we are investing in New Yorkers while fostering partnerships with local businesses across the region,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in announcing the funding. “The Finger Lakes has seen economic growth and resurgence in recent years and by investing in these businesses, we remove barriers and offer them the support they need to succeed in this state.”

Plans brewing for Resurgence

The micro-brewery element of Ellicott Station was the highlight of a $18 million mixed-use facility since it’s March 2016 reveal by developer Sam Savarino. In May, the interest amplified with Resurgence’s involvement being revealed by Genesee County’s CBDG application.

Speaking with The Daily News in July, Resurgence Brewing President Jeff Ware said Batavia was an area that was on the brewery’s radar because of their relationship with New York Craft Malt.

The Della Penna building on Ellicott Street became an attractive option for their second consumer space and a production facility meant for experimentation.

“The building is right up our alley as far as Resurgence goes: doing something cool in an up-and-coming neighborhood or bringing a neighborhood back,” Ware said in July.

According to the state’s announcement, Resurgence is committed to creating 15 full-time jobs as part of their wild beer fermentation and production brewery. More will come with the full development — but the biggest output will be a beer style that did not have a local producer.

“It’s a natural, wild, living thing so not everything is going to work out,” Ware said of sour beer process. “But you can also get things that are really, truly unique and different that people are going to be really excited about, especially people that are into that niche beer.”

Ware said Thursday that the grant “will go a long way towards the upfront costs of opening our doors and helping to bring Batavia back to life.”

“We are seeing this entire region grow thanks to the Governor’s commitment to the Finger Lakes economy, and we are proud to be part of this area’s exciting future,” Ware said.

(This is a developing story and will be updated.)

By Jim Krencik, The Daily News

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