Spring open house featuring fencing and free food at EnGarde Batavia
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Spring open house featuring fencing and free food at EnGarde Batavia

Mar 12, 2012

The Spring Open House for EnGarde Batavia is scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m. for Friday, March 16 at the Harvester Avenue fencing studio.

Main Street Pizza will be providing pizza and wings for those who attend this free event. While there is no charge, preregistration is highly recommended.

The open house will allow attendees to learn about competitive Olympic fencing, the skills that are used and to experience firsthand a fencing workout led by one of our coaches. The workout will cover the equipment, practice drills and a “trial” match. Attendees are asked to wear comfortable clothing and athletic footwear.

There is no age limit to attend and participate in the Open House. Fencers as young as 7 and as old as 67 have enjoyed being part of the EnGarde Batavia experience. If you are in good health and able to exercise then fencing is a way to engage in exercise and have fun in our studio setting.

When Tom Clark, artistic advisor to EnGarde to Encore, first observed the fencing classes he was impressed by the physical workout the young fencers under went.

“There were students as young as 10 whom where working on increasing their endurance, improving their eye/hand coordination and their mental agility," Clark said. "These are all skills that will make them physically and mentally better to compete as they go through life.”

Fencing is part of the upcoming summer Olympics that are being held in London. While generally considered a European sport with its roots in France and Italy, many colleges and universities in this country have teams or clubs that compete on an intercollegiate level. Scholarships are available at many institutions for students who exhibit the skill and commitment to competitive fencing. While some students work toward the Olympic Dream many fence as a form of exercise and improving their competitive edge in their chosen field.

For more information on the Open House and to register visit EnGardeBatvia.com or email Colin Dentino at Colin@EnGardeBatavia.com. 

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