Rubik’s Cube competition returning to Pembroke
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Rubik’s Cube competition returning to Pembroke

Jan 31, 2019

EAST PEMBROKE — Since National Puzzle Day was Jan. 29, it seems fitting that the announcement came this week that a Rubik’s Cube competition is returning to Pembroke.

The event, which made its Genesee County debut last year, will be held Saturday, April 13, at the St. Maximiliam Kolbe Hall, 8656 Church St. The competition is open to 100 competitors with a $15 entry fee and is run through the World Cube Association. Last year’s event sold out quickly, with competitors coming from around the country and Canada.

The event is organized by Eli Fox, a senior at Pembroke Jr./Sr. High School and his father, Adam Cunningham.

Fox is a bit of a cubing genius — “enthusiast” doesn’t quite cover it. Not only is he able to solve a typical 3x3 cube in 13 seconds, but he has even created his own puzzles using a 3D printer. He has also traveled to Massachusetts, Canada and Indiana for tournaments, including the World Cube Association’s U.S. Nationals in 2017.

So why does Fox like this?

“Well, I’m good at it,” he said matter-of-factly. “It’s also satisfying. You can take a puzzle that is completely messed up and looks impossible, but with the right algorithems and time, you can solve it.”

Like any activity, becoming proficient in solving the Rubik’s Cube takes time and practice. But if you think Fox is the sort of teenager to just sit in his room all day, fiddling with his toys, you’re as wrong as putting ranch dressing on chicken wings. Fox is even more involved in school than he is with his hobby. He has played on the varsity tennis team, joined the National Honor Society, qualified for the All-State music competition on bassoon and participated in mock trial, math team, Masterminds, chess club and the school musical. He’s as well-round as the 12-sided puzzle he carries with him.

The tournament will feature several events and is open to spectators.

For full details on the competition, or to register, visit

By Matt Krueger, Batavia Daily News

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