Mall photo exhibit combines history, touch of glamour
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Mall photo exhibit combines history, touch of glamour

Feb 5, 2015

Glamour look

Susan Meier and her works have been on the move lately. She has a display of nine photographic prints on display at Batavia City Centre and a whole new studio space at her East Pembroke home. It’s all part of Meier’s artistic maturity. “I’ve learned what I want to shoot more; I’m fine-tuning it now,” she said, nodding to the collection on the mall’s west side. “This is the type of photography I like to do: concept model shoots. I think of a concept and then bring it to life.” Her exhibit, “Yesterday’s Decades,” will be on display this month and features glamorous shots of various females. Sarah Gahagen, a blonde-haired city school teacher, is wearing a bronze satin dress that illustrated the 1920s. Gahagen came in for the shoot with an armful of clothes, and  when Meier saw the “bronzey” one, she knew it was perfect for the theme. Another one, taken for high school senior “Becky’s” graduation picture, has her dressed in a long blue gown next to a 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe that is parked in front of Adam Miller Toys & Bikes on Center Street. The striped awning adds a period touch to the vintage car and teen girl’s outfit. Two of Meier’s daughters are featured in a few shots as well. April is leaning against a 1940 Plymouth U.S. Army staff car at a Geneseo Air Show. In another one, April sports a large red ribbon bow at her neck with an equally dramatic gown. Her other daughter Katelyn does the 1920s look with a flower-adorned headband and her lace gloved hand delicately grazing her chin. Other scenes show women dressed up with the brick backdrop of a hot summer Ramble and a red convertible at Summer in the City. No coincidence to being part of the recent New Year’s centennial party at City Hall, the exhibit was a fitting addition, Centennial Committee member Julie Pacatte said. Pacatte has previously worked with Meier on a Betterment Committee project. Meier has taken more than a dozen memento photos for city businesses that have paid off their small business loans. The photographer’s work is “unexpected and so unique” that it prompted Pacatte to suggest displaying some works that fit into the party’s decades theme. “It seems to view the city and people through creative eyes. The gallery was meant to represent the decades of the last century. It is a subtle reminder of the Batavia connection through its once thriving ammunitions industry so vitally linked to the war and community,” Pacatte said. “The gallery wall is important because it was wasted space that can easily enliven the mall and showcase local talent. We hope to have other unique exhibits throughout 2015 as a reflection of the last 100 years. My preference is the unexpected perspective.” Meier has also been keeping busy moving from her Harvester Avenue space into a cozy studio above her garage at home. She continues to offer lessons and expand her repertoire to include boudoir photography. “I moved to cut my overhead costs,” she said. “And I just like the feeling that I can go right to my studio whenever I’m inspired.” For more information about her business, go to Article from Batavia Daily News and taken from

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