Le Roy’s Jam at the Ridge summer concert series to feature popular Spotify artists
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Le Roy’s Jam at the Ridge summer concert series to feature popular Spotify artists

Jun 22, 2022

Posted by Tate Fonda, courtesy of The Batavian

Residents of Le Roy and beyond are invited to “Jam at the Ridge” as the summer concert series continues on June 24.

The Jam at the Ridge Campground, located on Conlon Road, features a natural amphitheater set against a former ski hill. Following the Jam at the Ridge series’ Memorial Day opening, Owner David Luetticke-Archbell expressed his gratitude for the efforts of his team.

“Our business is a family business, so everybody helps everybody,” said Luetticke-Archbell in an interview with The Batavian. “If you can’t bring your two-year-old and their grandparents to our concerts, then we’ve done something wrong.”

The series, centered on country and rock music, features upcoming performances from a range of local and traveling artists. Performers of the group Them Dirty Roses, a Southern American rock band, will play a set of original songs on July 15. Their music exceeds a combined 21 million streams on Spotify’s music streaming platform for their 2017 eponymous EP.

In an interview with The Batavian, guitarist Andrew Davis introduced his bandmates.

“We’re a four-piece; along with my guitar, James Ford is the lead singer, Ben Crain is the bass player, and Frank Ford is the drummer,” said Davis. “We are all from a small town in Alabama called Gadsden.”

Them Dirty Roses will open for The Steel Woods, an American Country Rock band. Davis expressed his admiration for the Nashville-based performers pending the Le Roy performance.

“We love the Steelwoods, we’re all good friends,” said Davis. “We’ve played together multiple times in the past— it’s always a good time when we get together.”

Further, Davis commented on his expectations for Them Dirty Roses’ performance at the July show.

“It’s always a high-energy rock & roll show— if you’re not on your feet at the beginning, you will be by the end of it,” Davis said. “It’s all about a good time for everybody, so we think that it’s definitely going to be a party.”

Following Them Dirty Roses’ performance with The Steel Woods, vocalists and instrumentalists of the band The Georgia Thunderbolts will perform at The Ridge on July 16. Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Country Music Picks, The Georgia Thunderbolts exceed a combined one million streams for their releases on Spotify. Lead singer TJ Lyle introduced his six-member band, featuring drummer Bristol Perry, lead guitarist Riley Couzzourt, rhythm guitarist Logan Tolbert, and bass guitarist Zach Everett.

“Logan and I grew up together, and the bass player Zach was actually Logan’s neighbor,” said Lyle. “Riley and Bristol knew each other from high school.”

As for Le Roy’s performance, Lyle reflected on his experiences throughout the region.

“We’re starting to pick up a following on the East Coast; we’ve been very well received,” said Lyle. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to come back up there. It’s where we have some of our best crowds.”

Tickets for the Jam at the Ridge concerts are available for purchase on the campground website at: https://www.jatrny.com/home. Tickets may also be purchased over the phone by calling the camp store at (585) 768-4883 or visiting The Ridge in person at 8101 Conlon Rd.

The series will resume on June 24 with a performance by Jason Michael Carroll, a country musician from Houston, Texas.

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