Experience Psychic Fair caters to those who want to ‘expand their horizons’
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Experience Psychic Fair caters to those who want to ‘expand their horizons’

Mar 3, 2019

BATAVIA — Tarot cards rest on a white tablecloth and a small crowd of people gathers around a table selling crystals.

For the 28th year — and the second in Batavia — the Experience Psychic Fair has come around allowing those who desire to do so to expand their horizons. The event book place Saturday at Batavia Downs and continues there until 6 p.m. today.

“I always gravitated toward this kind of thing,” said Adrienne Bender, of Gasport, as she walked around, looking at the different vendors set up. She said she loved the readings and buying things like healing crystals and different kinds of tarot cards.

“You need to be open and allow it into your life,” she said.

Sitting behind her table, offering aura reading, was one of the organizers, Suzanne Linde. She said when psychic fairs started, they were a mystery to people. However, there was a need for the fairs, as people have questions. Now, it’s mainstream — something Linde noticed began to happen in 2012 when it was circulating the world would end, due to that being the last cycle in the Mayan calendar.

“The attendance at the fair has been growing 20 percent for the last three to four years,” she said, admitting she is surprised how fast people’s interest has grown.

“People are interested in connecting to themselves. There is a big awakening in people,” Linde said.

Linde said people are afraid to get readings because they fear they’re going to get a terrible message. However, she said, it’s not about the message, but the delivery, and if a psychic sees that someone will get into a car accident, that psychic would suggest to check the brake fluid in the car or something. The psychic’s goal isn’t to make people afraid, but uplift them.

Looking at some paintings, Waterport resident Lee Humphrey said she always thought she knew something as a child. When she learned of Lily Dale, a psychic community in Chautauqua County, she finally found what she what she was looking for, likening it to coming home.

“I read, studied and went to school for 50 years on this subject,” Humphrey said. “There is a lot of different roads which will get you to understand yourself.”

By Mallory Diefenbach, Batavia Daily News

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