(News) Darien Lake (NY, USA) announced plans for its 2013 season including a major upgrade to the popular Laser Blast show and a new tower thrill ride. 

Leading off the improvements is an extensive upgrade to the popular nightly Laser Blast show, adding cutting-edge water technology, pyrotechnics, and high-value production that will transform the classic laser show into a new summer spectacular, “Ignite the Night.”  The show will feature a 60-foot water screen as the backdrop to an action-packed show that chronicles events from the 1950s to today, including a tribute to Canada and our country’s heroes. 

“We are really pleased to be able to bring this show to Darien Lake,” said Darien Lake General Manager Bob Montgomery. “Guests who enjoyed our Laser Blast show will be amazed at the new lifelike video projected onto the huge, 60-foot water screen. The special effects are incredible. Think Laser Blast on steroids!”

The other major improvement is called “Blast Off”, and is a 185-foot thrill ride that will accelerate thrill-seekers to the top of a tower in a way that simulates an actual NASA launch. “Guests will experience the feeling of 4G, equivalent to what the astronauts in the Space Shuttle experience. It is a real thrill,” said Montgomery.

Blast Off will be located in the “Waterfront Boardwalk” area, which will undergo significant renovations in the off-season.  The Waterfront Boardwalk will celebrate the nostalgia of New York’s popular lakeside resorts and communities of the 1950’s and will include classic rides like the Grand Carousel and The Big Wheel, along with new dining options and a “jumping water” attraction where kids of all ages will enjoy splashing and chasing dancing water streams. 

“This new area will be all about Buffalo and Western New York’s wonderful lakes. It will be bustling with activity and provide a great opportunity for family fun,” commented Montgomery. Both new attractions will be ready for opening day, 2013 which is set for Saturday May 11, 2013.