'Convivium' opens at Roz Steiner Gallery at GCC
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'Convivium' opens at Roz Steiner Gallery at GCC

Jan 16, 2012

It would be tempting to look at Kala Stein's "Convivium" as just a table with a bunch of cups on it, but approach the sculpture and take a moment with it, and you discover it encourages a contemplative review of its subtle beauty.

Convivium is on display at the Roz Steiner Gallery on the Genesee Community College campus from Jan. 17 through 27.

The sculpture was installed over the past two days.

Stein has written this about it:

Convivium describes a coming together, a celebratory congregation, a banquet of minds. This type of gathering is a venue for exchange, a place to spark new relationships, and to cultivate what presently exists. It is about the constructive potentials of the collective.

The cup is a vernacular object; I use the goblet as a tool to symbolize human interaction within the convivium and the idea of convivium itself. Repetition and expansion, physical derivatives of time and space, distort the vessel beyond iconic function and shifts its singularity into a dizzying display of geometric patterns. The goblet is no longer a goblet; it is a unit within the whole. The area beyond the strict limits of the objects accommodates surprise and discovery. Function becomes irrational and form becomes pattern.

Ceramic, wood and glass are used for their aesthetic qualities and structural abilities. The materials are processed out of necessity – beyond raw but short of finished. An unpolished state is absolute structure and illustrates a depth of purity and the truth of the material.

Stein has a master's degree in fine arts from Alfred University, where she currently teaches and works as a studio artist. 

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