Best-selling authors on awesomeness make a stop in Batavia this week
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Best-selling authors on awesomeness make a stop in Batavia this week

Sep 9, 2015

posted by Steve Ognibene


The Oola Dream Tour—which could include anything from scheduled events featuring motivational speeches and inspirational stories to random stops in random cities -- will roll into Batavia this Thursday from 7-9 p.m. in a 1970 VW surf bus. This is an "I Spy" event where they will be around town at various random stops. Whether it’s a full-blown event or a random stop, that bus will also be carrying — and collecting — the dreams and aspirations of thousands of Americans, in the form of thousands of stickers attached to the outside of the VW. During the Oola Dream Tour, all who see the bus are encouraged to write down, on a sticker, a goal or dream they hope to accomplish in life. Not the one thing they want to do, or the one thing they know they will do, but the one thing they know they need to do. That thingthat is holding them back. It's a powerful and inspiring message. And those stickers make their way onto the bus, which will head to its next stop to collect even more dreams and aspirations. "Everyone deserves a life that is balanced and growing," according to Oola authors Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. "Our mission is to change the world with one word, 'Oola.' " What is Oola? Oola, according to Braun and Amdahl, is that perfect state of awesomeness. When you're in the zone. When your life is balanced and growing in seven key areas. Why attend? Why track down the bus? The Oola Dream Tour is one of the most interactive and inspiring experiences you’ll ever be part of. And you will get to be a part of it. You may not even know how powerful this will be until you get here. Is this just someone telling me what I should or shouldn’t do? No. Not even close. Braun and Amdahl aren't preachy. They’re not telling their stories for selfish reasons. They truly want you to live the OolaLife. "Oola" the book, in fact, reads more like the script of a classic "buddy road trip" movie than a self-help book. And now these two buddies have taken that “buddy road trip” movie on the road, in a VW bus, collecting dreams, and they want your dream on the bus. If they are going to follow through on their mission to “change the world with a word,” they know that a better world starts with a better you. As we become better as individuals, our families become better, our community becomes better, and the world becomes better. For more information and content for publication purposes, refer to the links below. Upcoming Tour Stops: The OolaGuys: This is Our Story:

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