Batavia: South Beach owner wants a double-decker
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Batavia: South Beach owner wants a double-decker

Jul 13, 2011

BATAVIA — While summer is rolling by, business owner Ken Mistler has temporarily halted plans for a patio alongside South Beach restaurant. City Council approved selling the 1,900 square-foot property for $1,000 in late May. Mistler was given a year to complete the project or the land goes back to the city. Although he first pitched the idea to have an outdoor patio, he has reconsidered it. If one patio is nice, a doubledecker would be even more so, he said. “I wanted to do it (to increase) capacity and for aesthetics; it’s something different,” he said Tuesday. “And the awning works as a shield from the sun.” His plan must go back to Genesee County Planning Board Thursday and then to the city’s Planning & Development Committee next week. Meanwhile, he has been seeking bids on the project. The two-floor patio would measure 70 feet by 20 feet, he said. And it would be connected to South Beach, which is at 59 Main St. The space is between the restaurant and the M&T building on the west side. There would be some room for a walkway between Main Street and the back parking lot. Mistler has put the project on hold until he gets a final decision from the city. He still hopes to have something up this year, he said.

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