Batavia Reads Gardner Halloween Edition Oct. 27
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Batavia Reads Gardner Halloween Edition Oct. 27

Oct 18, 2012

BATAVIA — Batavia-born novelist John Gardner will be celebrated with a night of readings, food and fun on Oct. 27.

The John Gardner Society, in conjunction with Genesee Community College, is sponsoring the Halloween-themed celebration at 8 p.m. at the Pok-a-Dot diner at Ellicott and Liberty streets.

Gardner, who died in a motorcycle crash near his Pennsylvania home in 1982, was a novelist, poet, critic and teacher, whose best-known works include “The Sunlight Dialogues,” a novel set in Batavia about brooding Police Chief Fred Clumly and his pursuit of a magician known as the Sunlight Man; and “Grendel,” a retelling of the Beowulf legend from the monster’s point of view. He also penned three influential works on the art of writing: “On Becoming a Novelist,” “The Art of Fiction,” and “On Moral Fiction.”

For more information about the celebration, contact Bill Kauffman at (585) 757-2455 or GCC English Professor Charley Boyd at Learn more about the writer by visiting the John Gardner Appreciation page on GCC’s website: 

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