Batavia Players going ‘Off Our Rockers’
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Batavia Players going ‘Off Our Rockers’

Nov 7, 2019

What happens when you bring brilliant writing and wonderful actors together?

The Batavia Players and the Harvester 56 Theater will be answering that question 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday as they perform “Off Our Rockers,” two one-act plays the organizers describe as insightful and hilarious in nature.

“Off Our Rockers” consists of the plays “Laundry and Bourbon” and “I’m Herbert.” They were written as part of two separate collections and this is the first time that they will be presented together.

“I’m Herbert” stars internationally-known artist Kevin Partridge and actress Dorothy Gerhart, a longtime actress with the Batavia Players. Both are recipients of the Performance of the Year Award at the Harvester 56 Theater and they are describes as two of the area’s premier actors.

They have appeared on stage in many memorable roles and are a consistent part of the Batavia Players acting troupe.

“I’m Herbert” involves the characters Muriel and Herbert, two octogenarians that recall their lives together and apart with hilarity. The short one act play looks at the life of the fun-loving couple in their advanced years as they reflect on their former glory days.

Michele Stamp, Emily Crawford and Kathy Johns, who have also been nominated for acting awards and have portrayed many of the theaters most memorable characters. They will be bringing to life the one-act play “Laundry & Bourbon.”

The play also wraps itself around small trailer park life and the highs and lows of loves found, lost and forgotten.

Michel Stamp has been memorable in her award-winning portrayal of Martha in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe” while Kathy Johns is best remembered as Joanne in “Come Back to the Five & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.” Emily Crawford, who also works on many of the technical aspects of the show, played the mother Marmee March in the musical “Little Women.”

All have appeared on stage many times over the eight-year history of the Harvester 56 Theater.

“This is a very special cast with a tremendous amount of talent and stage presence”, said “Off Our Rockers” Director E. Jane Burk in a news release. “They each bring such a dimension to the stage regardless of what role they are playing, but in this show, they are indeed special.”

Both of these well written plays have been perennial favorites of the short play set. This is the first time they have been presented by the Harvester 56 Theater and the Batavia Players.

There are only two performances and tickets are available at the Box Office or by going to

©Mark Gutman: Dorothy Gerhart and Kevin Partridge star as a couple in their 80s in “I’m Herbert.” It’s one of two, one-act plays the Batavia Players are performing this weekend.
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